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Ramona Riley
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Monday, February 13, 2012

It's been a long time...

Since I provided any communication as to what I have been up to. Please forgive my lack of commitment and dedication to this blog. When I think of the reasons I have not signed in to communicate with you, I find myself sounding like a broken record. Making excuse after excuse as to what else is more important. When you are an Entrepreneur, everything is important. Especially when it comes to the visibility and viability of your company. The last time I wrote was in 2010 and the things that I have accomplished within that time are as follows:
  1. Transitioned from a dba into an LLC.
  2. Graduated with my PhD.
  3. Received nominations and awards for The DeJohn Group, LLC (http://www.DeJohnGroup.com).
  4. Moved.
  5. Authored a self-help book for aspiring entrepreneurs.
  6. Speaking and Service Contracts.
  7. Certified as an Arbitrator/Mediator.
  8. Expanded business to include Real Estate and Alternative Dispute Resolution as well as Training & Consulting.
  9. Dividing time between business and family so that no one is lacking (including me).

For the past two years I have a short list of accomplishments. I didn't include life, networking, life, and living because it should be understood that it was all happening simultaneously.

For 2012, I am committed to doing a better job with writing and communicating with you more!

Until the next time...

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